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Forehand EXTENSION for more Power - Tennis Lesson - YouTube

Get your FREE membership to ET Academy and IMPROVE your game now: http://www.essentialtennisacademy.com/Grab 15% off Diadem racquets, strings, bags and more ...

Tennis Forehand - Full Extension - YouTube

KB goes over how to hit the Forehand with a full extensionMore tennis tips - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftxe8jInww0&index=5&list=PL6690044741C504EF

Ask Nick: Tips for Forehand Extension | Tennis.com

VIDEO: Touch Tennis Aug 12, 2013. Be Hip: Perfect Your Point of Contact Aug 05, 2013. Ask Nick: Tips for Forehand Extension. Practice reaching out for the ball. Published May 09, 2013.

How to Improve Your Tennis Forehand: Swing Away

Forehand Extension and Follow Through. After the ball is struck you want to let your swing finish and the momentum to naturally stop. The straight-line path will change a little bit at the very end. When the ball is moving toward the other side of the court let your racquet arm follow the ball a little.

Part 7 of 8- Get more extension through your shot! Hammerit ...

Hammerit Tennis, Creator and Founder, Daniel Dodson, shows you how to make sure to get the most extension through your stroke for a better quality forehand e...

FREEZE FRAME: Nadal's forehand extension | Tennis.com

The key to Rafael Nadal’s fabulous forehand is his extension. Nadal swings up and over the top of his head, with the racquet moving backwards and actually finishing on the same side of his body ...

Modern Tennis Forehand Technique In 8 Steps - YouTube

http://www.feeltennis.net/modern-forehand-technique/Developing fundamental forehand technique is the key to dominating your tennis matches from the baseline ...

The Modern Forehand Drop & Wrist Lag Techniques ... - Feel Tennis

Have you noticed that tennis pros use two different forehand drop & wrist lag techniques when they’re about to hit a forehand? Some pros drop the racket with the edge pointing down (Del Potro, Halep) and others (Federer, Stosur) with the face (strings) pointing down. If you’re unsure of the pros and cons of each […]

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