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How to say "play basketball" in Chinese

How to say play basketball in Chinese. play basketball. Chinese Translation. 打篮球. Dǎ lánqiú. More Chinese words for play basketball. 打篮球 verb. Dǎ lánqiú play basketball.

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打篮球 ( da lanqiu / dă lánqiú ) (English translation: "to play basketball") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English meaning

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Sure, English uses ball for Football, Baseball, Basketball… but Rugby and Tennis – not so. In Mandarin they all share that same keyword. This makes our life much easier when learning the sports in Chinese! Sports in Chinese – The 球’s (qiú) Sports in Chinese – Running. Sports in Chinese – Swimming. Sports in Chinese – Skiing

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In 1935, basketball was introduced as a national pastime, and in 1936 the Chinese formed a basketball Olympic team due to the popularity of the sport. In the 1950s, the People's Liberation Army (PLA), a branch in China's Army, which consisted of an army of over two million-plus active-duty members, was encouraged to play basketball. Over 80 years, the People's Liberation Army practiced and played basketball to build teamwork and create unison.

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Anyway, basketball lán qiú (篮球) in Chinese soon took on a life of its own in China, becoming a mainstay on university campuses and even at government offices. In fact, basketball was the one “Western” thing the Communist party didn’t openly hate on after coming into power in 1949, in part because the game’s teamwork-based structure and emphasis on hard work and effort fit the party ethos quite well.

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Basketball is the most popular sport in China. But in the world's elite there is no Chinese star player in sight. Yao Ming wants to change that - with the World Cup in China from August 31 to September 15, 2019 and with help from the NBA and ALBA Berlin. The West also benefits from China's basketball revolution.

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The Chinese Basketball Association (simplified Chinese: 中国男子篮球职业联赛; traditional Chinese: 中國男子籃球職業聯賽; pinyin: Zhōngguó Nánzǐ Lánqiú Zhíyè Liánsài), often abbreviated as the CBA, is the first-tier professional men's basketball league in China.

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The 3×3 format, in particular, is extremely popular among all ages of Chinese basketball players to play and watch. FIBA, the international basketball organization, recognized this and scheduled three 3×3 world tour events in Asia over the next few months, including one in Shenzhen. #4 Companies Help Chinese Basketball Grow

How Basketball Became China's Most Beloved Sport

More than 300 million people in China play basketball today, and China’s CBA has grown to include 20 men’s teams located all across the nation. Withstanding decades of anti-Western sentiment and political shifts, basketball has taken root and become a part of everyday life and entertainment in China.